Travel Plans


As I’ve mentioned before it takes a fair amount of planning to smoothly pull all of the pieces together  for a ride like this. Although Rob and I have planned similar rides before, most recently the LEJOG ride we did with two other friends last summer, this ride from London to Romania presents some new challenges. One of these is that we are planning to wild camp. This means that we will need to locate somewhere just off the road to safely spend the night at the end of each day in the saddle. The theory being that if no one sees you, no one knows you’re there, and there ought to be no problems. There are some huge advantages to this, saving money, maximising hours on the bike and the potential to spend the night in some beautiful settings. However, it also poses some challenges when you don’t have a predetermined stopping point. These include ensuring we have adequate food and water, finding somewhere suitable before darkness makes it more difficult and possibly some language barrier issues. I can see past these problems, though, to the exciting prospect of not knowing exactly where we might end up at the end of each day!

Another logistical difficulty for our planning is that I’m living in south east London at the moment, but Rob is spending most of his time in Leicester. This means we won’t really get to train together and we might only see each other once or twice before we set off. We do have the chance to meet this Sunday; we’ll go for a ride, grab a coffee, look over some of our planning and probably talk about girls as well!

Hope you enjoy this chilled out jam this Friday evening and if you’re riding over the weekend, happy pedalling!

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