Four Weeks Tomorrow

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I remember when four weeks used to seem like an age. When the six summer holiday extended before you like a huge expanse of time. These days I feel a week could sneak past unnoticed if I so much as sneeze. Just four short weeks and we will be pushing our heavy laden bikes out into the cool air of a south London morning and pointing our noses roughly south east. Left pedal, right pedal, repeat.

The sense of anticipation I feel just thinking about these opening moments of the ride are immense. I’m pretty psyched. I mean, I’m bouncing up and down here. But, as I’ve said four weeks is not so long and there is plenty to be done before we hit that long, beautiful road. Aside from finishing off the route planning, securing panniers, the painting job I’m doing, seeing friends and family and hopefully a trip to the Peak District, there is one thing I’m especially excited to announce.

I’m happy to tell you that Rob and I will be holding an event at the fantastic Look Mum No Hands Café on Old Street on the evening of Saturday August 17th. The best coffee in town, beer, a short talk, legs being waxed; what’s not to like? Check your diaries, hold the date. Full details soon.

In the meantime please take a moment to check out the Support Me page, if you’d like to sponsor me for doing the ride I would be so grateful. And as ever, thank you for reading!

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