Got bananas?

We’ll be living on a very tight budget for the two weeks we are riding across Europe. I think this means we’ll be wanting a lot of bananas, so it will be good to know how to ask for them in every country we’ll hopefully cycle through.

France, Belgium and Luxembourg- hopefully French will work for each of these:

Avez vous des bananes? – Simple enough.

Germany, Switzerland and Austria: Haben sie bananen? Ok, got it.

Italy: Hai banane?

Slovenia: Ali imate banane?

Hungary: Van banan?

Romania: Aveți banană?

These phrases accompanied by copious amount of bread, jam and tea should see us through the worst of the weather and roads that Europe can throw at us!

3 thoughts on “Got bananas?

  1. In romanian language ‘banana’ is the single form of the fruit. If you want to ask for more than one, thinking that one is to little…and not enough say ‘ Aveti banane?”. This way people will give you more than one. 😀 This is just for future reference since I read you’re coming back to Romania in the autumn.
    PS.You’ve got a nice blog going on here, and won another follower! Take care!

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