Keeping in touch

We'll be leaving these fair shores on Tuesday.

We’ll be leaving these fair shores on Tuesday.

For me part of the appeal of this tour is the chance to disconnect. Living the simple life on the road, taking only what we can carry on the back of the bike. It’s a real chance for some simple reflection. Sure we’ll be bombing along, tyres humming, and chatting away at times; but it’s a long road and often there is little do but sit, and ponder (and keep pedaling of course). A chance to take a deep breathe, and let your mind wander. Maybe you don’t always like what you find, but things have to be faced at some point and a 1600 mile bike ride through beautiful scenery is a good place to start.

So to a certain extent I’ll be embracing the chance to be cut off from the world. I don’t know when I’ll next be fortunate enough to do something like this, so I plan on enjoying it. You won’t realise how deafening the background noise of life can be until you hear the silence.

Having said that, we still have loved ones who will want to know how we are fairing. Or people keen to know how much we are suffering. So we’ll endeavour to update facebook every couple of days via text, and hopefully the odd photo and short update will hit the blog as and when we find free WiFi. I’ll be taking a simple digital camera, as well as a notebook and pencil to keep a diary of how things are progressing. And with any luck, these will combine with the track from the GPS unit to allow for a more thorough account of events once we’ve made it to the other side. A real blow by blow account of every gritted teeth low  point and wide eyed high point.


2 thoughts on “Keeping in touch

  1. Take your ‘phone – then you’ll be able to do the Cater ring en route!
    Good luck Andy and Rob – safe and confident voyage of various discoveries to you both! Mwah.

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