First thoughts.


Things are pretty hectic out here as we are preparing for a rush of 20 new volunteers over the next few days, so there was plenty to get stuck into as soon as we got here. The first day back we took off completely for some recovery, before heading into work Thursday with Rob, and saying goodbye to him Friday morning before heading off for a day of strimming at one of our sites. It was a bit of a blur trying to jump back into the flow, and catch up with people off the back of riding out here but I was happy Rob managed to get a bit of a feel for the place and I think he could be back. 

Now that I’ve had a chance to sit and look through the photos and to reflect a bit on the ride I thought it would be cool to throw out some of the first things that come to mind looking back. 

– Luxembourg roads yes, Italian roads no.

-Italian coffee yes, Hungarian coffee no.

– Belgian drivers will run you off the road and onto the cyclepaths.


– Riding up out of Liechestein and Switzerland before descending into Italy to Lake Como is the most stunning day on a bike we’ve ever had.

– We may or may not have had to scare off a bear the night we camped in a dry river bed in Slovenia.

– There is such a thing as too many bananas. 


– You can pretty much sleep anywhere, including the edge of a small harbour on the edge of Lake Garda. Wild camping is the way forward.

-Beware of the dog.


-It’s fine to dry out your tent at any LIDL across Europe, just don’t try that at KFC in Arad.

– Sometimes merciless sarcasm is the only answer in hard times. 

-A man choking on a banana whilst cycling uphill is hilarious. 

– When it rains in Hungary it really rains.

-A man crying out in anguish when he drops food in a puddle whilst riding along, is also hilarious.

-The amount of time spent riding before finding coffee in the morning will dictate the mood for the day.


-Prepare to see the best and worst of yourself on a trip like this.


-Keep dreaming of the next big thing as you tap in the final kilometers.



3 thoughts on “First thoughts.

  1. This was an awesome journey to follow and I’m sure an even more awesome journey to live out. Thanks for writing about it! Good luck with the new year at NetWorks 🙂
    From Africa,
    Emily Peterson

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