Plus ça change


Make no mistake, there are stories to be told from this adventure, the above is a prelude to a story about scaring away bears in Slovenia. And I promise they will come, but it feels like either it didn’t really end when we rode triumphantly into Siria, or I have simply been thrown head first into the next one.  Wrenched from this challenging but simple rhythm of life, ride, eat, ride, sleep and repeat, it was a tough first few days back out here.

It seems that if there is one constant in this place, is that it changes. And it changes fast. So coming back is akin to jumping back onto a moving train. It was hard to say goodbye to a few close friends who were heading away just as I got back, followed immediately by the arrival of 19 new fresh faced volunteers. The sensory overload was completed by the new challenge of being asked to change work area, and to take up part of the leadership of the new work team. A far cry from the simple life of the nomadic cyclists, whose only care is where the next 500 calories will come from, the next R:X (right turn at cross roads) or where to hide the tent at dusk that evening.

The good news is, I’m very excited for the next year.

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