The Night that was… A Night of Adventure


I think the last time I attended an event where Al Humphreys was speaking was in 2011, and to say I was massively inspired is probably an understatement, In the months and years that followed I cycled from Sheffield to London in a single day in the middle of winter, completed LEJOG, cycled to Romania and have had myriad hitch hiking adventures. So far, so good. And if you are reading this Al, don’t worry I don’t hold you entirely responsible, I blame my friend Robert for taking me!

“If there is something you really want to do, you really should do it…” Ben Saunders.

It was a fantastic evening of awe inspiring presentations, by men and women who have done some incredible things. Ranging from wild swimming and long distance bicycle touring, to polar exploration… and as far out crazy as whatever you call that thing that Finn McCann does.

“From the miserable to the deeply enjoyable…” Al Humphreys.

It is hardly surprising that midway through the evening I felt a physical yearning in my heart for the open road, new experiences, adventure. Probably my personal highlight of the evening was the genuine horror of a woman somewhere behind me when a naked bottom flashed up on the screen during the wild swimming presentation. Priceless.

“Deliberate courting of uncertainty…” Anna Hughes.

I came into tonight off the back of a good run of weeks where I have been muttering the phrase “cycling to India”, with what I can only describe as alarming regularity. Yes, alarming even to me. Well if I arrived with any doubt about embarking on said trip, by the time I was Boris biking back to Charing X that same doubt was further diminished. And added into the bargain was all the cash raised on the night for the charity Hope and Homes for Children; so if you weren’t there, make sure you get a ticket next time.

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