What comes next?

An eternal question that faces me daily. I’m not talking about the mundane…

– clean the bike

– fix the shower

– do the washing

kind of to do list. Really I mean where is my next horizon? What am I aiming at? What am I inspired to do? How can I next push myself to do more?

– Sunday will be the longest ride I have done since the Wrexham Wedding Wander, a 200Km audax called the Great Escape. By the time I roll home I should have 300Km in the bag.

– In June I’m hoping to ride the 24 hour MTB race called Mountain Mayhem as part of a four man team.

– Come July I’m planning to ride the 900km down to Mt, Ventoux in three days to volunteer at the first control of the Transcontinental Race 2015, then I’ll be trying to haul ass back to the UK in a further three days. I’m not sure how on earth I will manage this yet but I still have a few weeks left to figure that one out.

– As for 2016, I am slowly chipping away at making plans for my most audacious adventure yet. Click here for a sneak preview.

These are the things that keep me awake at night, that equally fill me with fear as well as joy and excitement. They are the things that motivate me to commute across London day in day out, or to hack my way home across the southern counties in the pouring rain after a couple of training days at Head Office. They are the things that push me beyond what I once thought was possible, into that beautiful realm where life truly begins.

Second question, what comes next for you?

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