Three weeks down the road.


I recently learnt a new phrase “pell mell” whilst reading a Dervla Murphy book; it means “confused, rushed or disorderly in manner”. Even I would agree that none of these words sounds like the best descriptor for the preparation of a bicycle tour that will span months, seasons and continents. However, it seems the perfect way to surmise my final few weeks in the UK before I hit the road on an overcast Wednesday in March.

The mix I had to contend with were the thrill of leaving my first full time job, the bitter sweet goodbyes, the ever evolving to do lists and trying to reach at least a vague understanding of distance, direction and the bureaucracy surrounding different visa applications. It made for some stressed and distracted days, and I even had to delay my planned departure by 24 hmrs; which was a grim decision to make at the sickening anticipation of leaving grew within.

I can scarcely believe that it is now almost four weeks on. I feel as though I have already come so far and learnt so much but am equally aware that challenges bigger than I can imagine still lie ahead of me – if I am to make it all the way from London to India.

The pace relents a bit this week whilst I enjoy Hungary so I should have some time for the first chapter of the journey to settle a bit from the relentless torrent it has often resembled. And hopefully bring you a flavour of how it has looked.


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