A Trip to Little Sweden.

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The spring sunshine, new club to ride with, big miles on the bike and rest day trip to Scandinavian Kitchen with an old friend have made it a cracking week off.

Some good friends of mine are tying the knot in Wales in a few weeks, the plan is to get to Wrexham in a single day under my own steam. If successful it will be my longest solo ride to date. A few changes to come on here before then, so watch this space.


Postcards from Sverige.

Some things take time.

It’s good to take the opportunities you find yourself presented with to face your fears. Even if it takes a bit of time to get past it. We visited a local quarry on Saturday evening, it took a good hour of internal grappling to get myself to leap over the edge, but it was worth it.

Thanks to Tim and Gustav for leading the way, and Bobby for the video evidence.